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Specializing in vegan and vegetarian food.


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Amazing food, fast delivery, VERY pricey. I would order from here much more often than I already do, which is pretty often, if everything wasnt so expensive.


1 review
The mushroom pizza hit the spot and it was well packaged and delivered! Very happy with my order. Thank you!


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Veggie delish nutrish. Friendly, good portions; tasty delights. Yum!


Top Reviewer
One of the best vegan restaurants in NYC.


1 review
Excellent yummy great service

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Blossom on Columbus Reviews on Seamless


1 review
The food was simple, but excellenteverything was cooked properly and looked delicious (which is hard for delivery food to pull off). We noticed that the portion sizes were a bit small, but we assumed it was because of the quality of the restaurant. Between 3 people, the 3 appetizers (brussels sprouts, fried artichoke, and mushroom ravioli) plus the kale salad ended up making us all feel full.


3 reviews
Exceptional food which delivers way better than expected. Integrity of dishes maintained, great flavor, beautiful texture. I wont even tell you what we had, since it is all so good. Of the 8 things we ordered everything was surprisingly tasty and satisfying. This is my first (and only) seamless review.


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Food and service when at restaurant is always outstanding! I'd only suggest that when food is being delivered that delivery folks not tilt and or make sure containers are not titled as food can become a sort of mush of things.


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I liked the food a lot, all of it tasted really good. Portions are big. It arrived faster than I expected. The only thing is it was only warm. They probably need to find a way to keep their food hot.


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I love almost everything I've ordered here, but my absolute favorite is the brussel sprouts. Hands down!!! Thank you BoC!

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Blossom is first and foremost animal caring.